Olympic Silver Medalist Michael Jamieson Has Heart “Restarted”

BATH, United Kingdom, November 30. OLYMPIC silver medalist Michael Jamieson took to Twitter today to explain how he had to go into the hospital and have his heart restarted after an irregular heartbeat.

Long week! My heart was restarted on Wednesday AM, pushing bit too hard at training on Tuesday haha. Docs & nursing staff at RUH/EIS…? Michael Jamieson (@mj88live) November 30, 2013

…have been amazing. I’m back home & cleared to train! Specialist said he’s only seen this 3 times, all Olympic medallists – pretty cool! 😊? Michael Jamieson (@mj88live) November 30, 2013

…not really sure the reasons behind it happening but I went into an irregular beat after reaching 203 heart rate in a session (max is 193)? Michael Jamieson (@mj88live) November 30, 2013

As Jamieson detailed on Twitter, he’s been cleared to return to training already.

Jamieson is due to compete for the European All-Stars as part of the Duel in the Pool next month.