NCAA Releases Memo Regarding Speedsuit Conference Call

PHOENIX, Arizona, December 12. IT took a couple of days for the NCAA to cross the Ts and dot the Is, but the governing body of collegiate athletics in the U.S. has released a memo regarding its conference call regarding the use of speedsuits earlier this week.

The NCAA has not elected to install a new moratorium on the suits, but has decided to stop swimmers from wearing multiple suits.

Here is the memo from the NCAA:

December 12, 2008

TO: Directors of Athletics, Head Swimming and Diving Coaches, Senior Woman Administrators and Conference Commissioners.

FROM: Sue Petersen Lubow, secretary-rules editor
NCAA Swimming and Diving Committees

Leslie Danehy, rules liaison
NCAA Swimming and Diving Committees.

SUBJECT: Important Uniform Interpretation.

Reminder: All new-technology suits approved by FINA are permissible to be worn in intercollegiate competition including NCAA Championships.

Uniform Interpretation (effective December 19, 2008):
The uniform is defined as one swimsuit or garment. No other suit, garment or material is permitted to be worn attached or supplemented under, over, or as part of the uniform. This includes tanks or briefs worn under the suit or drag suits worn over the suit.

Scenario 1:
Coach A notices that Swimmer B, who is standing behind the blocks in preparation for his event, is wearing multiple technical suits.

Ruling: Illegal. Coach should bring this information to the attention of the official.

Scenario 2:
Swimmer A, in lane 3, gets up on the block and the Starter sees that Swimmer A has a brief under his technical swimsuit.

Ruling: Illegal. Delay of the meet may be charged to the student-athlete.

Scenario 3:
Swimmer A, who has already qualified with an A-Standard time for the 200 freestyle, gets up on the block to swim that event wearing a lycra bathing suit with an old, torn, nylon tank suit over it.

Ruling: Unless the swimmer removes the outer "drag" suit prior to the event, and swims with only one suit, their performance would be disqualified in that event.