NCAA Division I Women’s Championships: Kelsi Worrell 1st Woman Under 50 Seconds in 100 Fly for NCAA/American Record

Worrell E WNCAA SD 0835
Photo Courtesy: Peter H. Bick

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Louisville’s Kelsi Worrell has been strong all year, but blasted into a new stratosphere with an NCAA, American and U.S. open record in the women’s 100-yard fly as she became a barrier breaker.

Worrell unleashed a ridiculously fast time of 49.89 to blast the 50-second barrier and beat Natalie Coughlin’s NCAA, American and U.S. Open record of 50.01 set for California 13 years ago in 2002.

Kelsi Worrell, Louisville

On setting the American record
“I was actually really surprised with my time because my walls weren’t as I had planned. I have no words, I don’t know when it’s going to hit me because I’m just overwhelmed at the text messages and the encouraging notes from around the pool deck. It’s unbelievable.”

On her goals for the morning
“I just wanted to execute and just swim fast and have a lot of fun.”

In an earlier heat, California’s Farida Osman put up a sizzler of her own with a second-seeded time of 51.00 to move to 10th all time in the event’s history.

Denver’s Sam Corea vaulted to 11th all time with a 51.01 for the third seed tonight, while Southern California’s Kendyl Stewart picked up the fourth seed in 51.03 for 12th all time in the event’s history.

  1 Worrell, Kelsi   JR Louisville-KY       50.17      49.89NqD1-A  
    r:+0.67  23.52        49.89 (26.37)
  2 Osman, Farida    SO California-PC       51.14      51.00 qD1-A  
    r:+0.75  23.94        51.00 (27.06)
  3 Corea, Sam       SR Denver-CO           51.70      51.01 qD1-A  
    r:+0.65  23.73        51.01 (27.28)
  4 Stewart, Kendyl  JR Southern Cali-CA    51.10      51.03 qD1-A  
    r:+0.79  23.88        51.03 (27.15)
  5 Bechtel, Christ  SR Kentucky-KY         51.04      51.24 qD1-A  
    r:+0.76  23.78        51.24 (27.46)
  6 Hinds, Natalie   JR Florida-FL          51.70      51.46 qD1-A  
    r:+0.72  23.86        51.46 (27.60)
  7 Barbiea, Dani    SR Missouri-MV         51.51      51.77 qD1-B  
    r:+0.69  23.90        51.77 (27.87)
  8 Britt, Chelsea   SO Florida State-FL    51.79      51.86 qD1-B  
    r:+0.70  24.02        51.86 (27.84)

A/B Finalists (The top 16 swimmers all score points for their teams):

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Kathryn McLaughlin, 17 years old , 100 fly. 52,27

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