Morning Swim Show With Bill Sweetenham Talking About Replacing FINA

Bill Sweetenham

In this episode of the Morning Swim Show, Coach Bill Sweetenham, the most respected Olympic swim coach in the world, sits down with Swimming World Publisher Brent Rutemiller to explain why FINA needs to be replaced as the governing body for international aquatics sports.

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  1. Gary Stoops

    Frank Stevens Fyi

  2. Steve Ruiter

    If specificity is the soul of narrative, this interview has no soul (although not due to Brent’s lack of asking questions, I just don’t hear any specific answers). I am left totally uninformed as to the specific problems with FINA. I hear a lot of high level complaints but no details. It seems that to solve the problems of FINA in a new organization, one needs to identify and substantiate what the problems are. Else we will end up with a new organization with new high level, vague gripers.

    Could somebody make a list of problems to solve?

    For example, “drug testing at meet x was not done according to protocols”, “on date Y FINA official Z was bribed”. I don’t have any of these details, but someone does.

  3. avatar
    David Abineri

    I have never understood why organizations like FINA and FIFA, who claim to represent their sports, do not annually publish their complete financial report so that all members can see just how their funds are being spent and, it is hoped, avoid corruption which only serves to distract from the important business of swimming.

    Also, as technology makes advances for swimming careful decisions will have to be made. Why FINA did not have something like a year trial period of assessing the new suits before accepting them for international competition is beyond me. How can they say that they are serving swimming by turning the record books into a shambles because of a poor decision making process.

    And is the gender discrimination of not allowing a 1500m for women in the Olympic games really something that we want to continue? Why is discrimination a good thing?

    Why would any group claiming to represent swimming make such disastrous decisions? With coaches, recent top swimmers, officials all working on such issues I believe we would have results that more accurately serve the swimming community.