Michael Phelps Shocks All With World-Best 200 Fly In Win At USA Nationals

Photo Courtesy: Peter Bick

Michael Phelps is returning to form. Let the world beware. In tonight’s 200-meter fly final at USA Nationals, Phelps won the event with a solid 1:52.94, which is just over a half a second off his US Open Record time of 1:52.20. This is an extremely positive step in Phelps’s path back to the pinnacle of swimming. Right now, he sits atop the world in the 200-meter fly with this shocking swim.

His swim would have earned him gold at the FINA World Championships in Kazan ahead of Laszlo Cseh‘s 1:53.48. Phelps nailed the race with some solid splitting as well:

Phelps: 25.14/28.26/29.59/29.95

Jack Conger positioned himself comfortably in between first and third place to take silver in 1:54.54. Pace Clark settled for bronze in 1:56.84, a half-second drop from this morning. Dakota Hodgson took fourth in 1:57.51, with Clark Smith after him at 1:57.83.

John Martens (1:58.06), Carlos Peralta Gallego (1:58.53), and Andrew Seliskar (1:59.11) closed out the final three spots in the championship final.

2015 USA Swimming Long Course Summer Nationals: Live Results – Results


  1. Matt Lee

    Umm, who is surprised exactly?

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    Loretta Woodson

    We are not surprise because if you are a world champion you do not stop training!!
    While we were sleeping my 12 year old son who is a USA Virginia told me that his Hero is Training Hard!!

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    undoubtedly doping

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      Peter Scott

      Maybe you are the dope!

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        Tove Harrington

        Zip it!

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    Is this his fastest in a textile suit?