Maryland Athletics Puts Eight Sports on Life Support

COLLEGE PARK, Maryland, November 21. FOLLOWING the recommendation of a campus panel, University of Maryland president Wallace Loh announced today that Maryland would cut eight sports from its athletics roster. Loh, however, has stated that the teams each have a chance to save themselves by raising eight years of total costs by June 30.

The teams being eliminated at men's and women's swimming, women's water polo, acrobatics and tumbling, men's tennis, men's cross country and indoor and outdoor track and field.

"There was one request that many student-athletes and coaches made: That I not prolong unduly the announcement of my decision," Loh said in a statement. "They understood that I need to consult widely and deliberate carefully before deciding, but they also wanted as much time as possible to plan ahead."

Maryland athletics director Kevin Anderson requested the last chance plan to be implemented, giving each team a chance to save itself.

"I am prepared to accept the recommendations of the President's Commission on Intercollegiate Athletics with the caveat that we provide the teams and their constituencies the opportunity to fund-raise to avoid reduction," Anderson said in a statement. "While the fundraising goals will be lofty, the supporters must be given an opportunity to step up and deliver on behalf of the student athletes and programs."

Anderson released fundraising targets for the impacted teams. He stated that the swimming teams would need to raise $11.56 million, while women's water polo would need $8.03 million. Additionally, Anderson stated that two senior development staff members would be assigned to the campaign to save the cut sports.