Lotte Friis, Becca Mann Considering NBAC Futures

Photo Courtesy: Catherine Ladd

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The dominos continue to fall with the transition of Bob Bowman from the North Baltimore Aquatic Club to his new post as the head coach at Arizona State University as two of his top distance swimmers are considering their options.

Lotte Friis, a Denmark Olympic bronze medalist, and Becca Mann, a supernova on the open water scene in the U.S., are both still figuring things out with Bowman.

Michael Phelps, Allison Schmitt and Chase Kalisz are confirmed as heading to Tempe when Bowman makes his permanent move to take over the Sun Devils this summer.

Friis and Mann are still contemplating their decisions based on conversations with Swimming World tonight.

The pros for staying at NBAC for Friis is that the distance swimmers in Baltimore have a lot of experience with the assistant coaches that will be staying.  But, that a large group of her teammates leaving could lead her to making the hard decision to leave NBAC.

Bowman and his crew have yet to confirm exactly who will be staying with NBAC and who will be going to Arizona State.  He still has two more coaching spots to hire as well as a Director of Swimming Operations.

Additionally, the status of highly-regarded and highly-valued Director of Athletic Services Keenan Robinson is still yet unconfirmed. But, he’s been one of the key cogs in the Michael Phelps machine, and is undecided on whether he would make the move as well.

Mann, who is a bit younger and currently looking for a place to go to college after high school, is also still feeling things out.

Mann may wind up going to Tempe, but is also comfortable with the coaches that are still planning on staying in Baltimore.  She may even consider splitting her time between Tempe and Baltimore until she gets a good feeling where she wants to be.