Jim McConica Breaks Two Masters World Records During 1500 Free Race

Photo Courtesy: Michelle McConica

Just six weeks after setting three Masters short course world records, Jim McConica was on a record-setting tear again with two more world marks in long course competition.

Swimming in the City of Santa Clarita swim meet in California, McConica accomplished both of his world records in one race. In the 1500 freestyle, McConica hit the 800-meter mark in 10:23.23, which was two seconds faster than Tom Landis’ record of 10:25.94 from 2007. Nine minutes later, McConica wrapped up his mile swim with a 19:42.51 to break another of Landis’ records, this time a 20:00.97 from 2008.

Men 65-69 1500 Meter Freestyle Finals
 Pl  Name                          Age  Club  Seed Time  Final Time  Points 
  1  Mc Conica, Jim                 65   VCM   20:00.97    19:42.51        
                36.19     1:15.25(39.06)    1:54.77(39.52)    2:34.17(39.40)
        3:12.66(38.49)    3:51.04(38.38)    4:28.86(37.82)    5:07.97(39.11)
        5:47.83(39.86)    6:27.63(39.80)    7:07.33(39.70)    7:46.90(39.57)
        8:26.46(39.56)    9:05.67(39.21)    9:44.71(39.04)   10:23.23(38.52)
       11:06.49(43.26)   11:47.36(40.87)   12:28.18(40.82)   13:07.97(39.79)
       13:47.77(39.80)   14:27.66(39.89)   15:07.72(40.06)   15:47.50(39.78)
       16:27.43(39.93)   17:07.31(39.88)   17:47.08(39.77)   18:26.69(39.61)
       19:05.36(38.67)   19:42.51(37.15)

As you can see from the splits, McConica only swam 50 meters easy after the 800-meter mark, then built back up to his pace to set the 1500 record. McConica’s 400-meter split of 5:07.97 was well off Landis’ world record of 5:00.26.

McConica has now set five Masters world records in 2015, setting him up nicely to be a strong candidate for the Swimming World Magazine list of the World Masters Swimmers of the Year.



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    Way to go Jim!

Author: Jeff Commings

Jeff Commings is the Senior Writer for SwimmingWorld.com and Swimming World Magazine. He graduated from the University of Texas at Austin with a degree in journalism and was a nine-time NCAA All-American.

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