Jack Groselle Leads Masters World Record Onslaught At Bumpy Jones Classic in Florida

SARASOTA, Florida, June 19. JACK Groselle is having an amazing year in the pool, already setting five Masters world records in short course meters and long course meters meets. The 60-year-old is definitely not slowing down, taking down two more long course records and helping with two relay records last weekend under sunny skies in Florida.


Groselle’s first individual mark came in the 200 free with a 2:10.00. That’s more than two seconds faster than the previous world record of 2:12.57 in the 60-64 age group swum by American Jim McConica in 2012. That’s the fastest 200 free he’s swum since 2011, when he posted a 2:09.24, according to the U.S. Masters Swimming database.

Next up was the 100 free, and Groselle obliterated Rich Abraham’s mark of 58.61 with a 57.79. Abrahams had owned that world record since 2005. Groselle owns the world record in the 100 free in the 55-59 age group as well with a 56.08 from 2009.

Groselle also took a run at McConica’s world record of 4:40.00 in the 400 free, but fell short with a 4:42.94. He also posted a 26.35 in the 50 free, off Abraham’s world record of 25.23.

Groselle’s 2:10.00 in the 200 free was swum on the leadoff leg of Sarasota Y’s 800 freestyle relay which also broke a world record. Boosted by Groselle’s speedy pace, Rick Walker (2:21.94), Kevin McCormack (2:25.87) and Bill Brenner (2:17.56) combined to post a 9:15.37 in the event. That time erased the world record of 9:20.38 set by Ventura County Masters in 2012, a team that included McConica on the squad.

Pictured: Kevin McCormack, Bill Brenner, Rick Walker, Jack Groselle

Next up was the 400 mixed freestyle relay, and though he did not surpass his world record swim from the individual race, Groselle’s 58.25 was good enough to help Sarasota with another relay world record. Laura Groselle (1:10.74), Nancy Kryka (1:10.26) and Bob Couch (1:05.20) helped out on the relay to post a 4:24.45 and beat New England Masters’ world record of 4:28.01 from 2012.

Pictured: Jack Groselle, Laura Groselle, Nancy Kryka, Bob Couch

Groselle does not turn 60 until July 24, but took advantage of FINA rules that set a swimmer’s age for meets swum in short course meters or long course meters at December 31 of each year.

The meet’s namesake was also in attendance, racing in five events. Possibly the top swim for the 81-year-old Olympian was a 1:32.84 in the 100 back, nearly breaking Clarke Mitchell’s national record of 1:31.10.