ISL Match Five: London Roar Lead Day One On Backs of Toussaint, Guido, Anderson; Women in Control of Skins

London's Kira Toussaint. Photo Courtesy: Mine Kasapoglu / ISL

ISL Match Five Live: Roar & Frog Kings Clash With Current & Trident

The London Roar returned to the racing pool at the Duna Arena in Budapest after an extended break from their first meet. It was expected to be a tight battle between the Roar, the LA Current and expansion team Tokyo Frog Kings as every point was precious on Friday night in Budapest.

London, with the control of the women’s Skins event, have a strong lead ahead of LA and Tokyo as the Current have control of the men’s Skins but were disqualified in the women’s relay, giving up big points in the process.

The Roar had wins from Kira ToussaintAlia Atkinson, Guilherme Guido and Adam Peaty to solidify their lead halfway through the meet as they are hoping to advance to the final four and hoist the team trophy at the very end of the season.

Three ISL records fell on Friday, all from the LA Current. Tom Shields broke the 100 fly record, Ryan Muphy got the 200 back under his name, and Murphy, Shields, Felipe Franca and Maxime Rooney took the medley relay.


ISL Match Five Current Team Scores:

  1. London Roar, 283.5
  2. LA Current, 218
  3. Tokyo Frog Kings, 214.5
  4. DC Trident, 163

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Women’s 100 Fly

ISL record: 55.35, Kelsi Dahlia, Cali Condors

LA got the day started with Beryl Gastaldello swimming a 55.84 to win the 100 fly which is the fastest time in the league thus far this season. She scored a minor upset over London’s Marie Wattel as LA’s Aly Tetzloff came in third to start the day well for the Current.

Men’s 100 Fly

ISL record: 49.10, Caeleb Dressel, Cali Condors

Tom Shields broke the ISL record in the 100 butterfly with a 48.94 to show to the rest of the league at the Current are on form early here in ISL Match five. Shields finished ahead of London’s Marius Kusch and Vini Lanza as Shields has been an integral part to the Current this season. He broke Caeleb Dressel’s ISL record from last season and jackpotted seventh and eighth place.

Women’s 200 Back

ISL record: 1:59.25, Minna Atherton, London Roar

DC’s Amy Bilquist scored the third straight league best time this year with a 2:01.29 to slingshot by London’s Kira Toussaint on the final 50 of the 200 back with Tokyo’s Rio Shirai finishing in third. Bilquist was able to get jackpot points from seventh and eighth place.

Men’s 200 Back

ISL record: 1:48.23, Radoslaw Kawecki, Cali Condors

LA’s Ryan Murphy broke the second ISL record of the day with a 1:48.03 to lead the 200 back field. He had a tussle with Ryosuke Irie through 150 meters but pulled away at the end to win the Current’s third event of the session. DC’s Jacob Pebley slipped into third place. Murphy and Radoslaw Kawecki have flipped back and forth with the league leading time this season as Murphy got the better of his Polish rival on ISL match five.

Women’s 200 Breast

ISL record: 2:16.04, Lilly King, Cali Condors

Tokyo’s Sakiko Shimizu got the Frog Kings’ first win of the match with a 2:18.88 to hold off London’s Annie Lazor in the 200 breaststroke. DC’s Bethany Galat slipped into third place as early leader Reona Aoki of Tokyo slipped to fifth behind London’s Sydney Pickrem.

Men’s 200 Breast

ISL record: 2:00.81, Marco Koch, New York Breakers

Will Licon grabbed the fourth win of ISL match five for the Current with a 2:03.92 in the 200 breaststroke as it was a tight race among the top six swimmers with Tokyo’s Yasuhiro Koseki and London’s Kirill Prigoda tying for second. Tokyo’s Shoma Sato placed fourth as the Frog Kings passed the Roar for second.

Women’s 4×100 Free Relay

ISL record: 3:26.48, Energy Standard

The London Roar won a nail biter in the 4×100 free relay with a 3:27.48. The team of Anna HopkinFreya AndersonMariia Kameneva and Marie Wattel held off the Current who kept close with Anastasia GorbenkoAndi MurezAly Tetzloff and Abbey Weitzeil.

ISL match five team scores at break 1:

  1. LA Current, 87
  2. London Roar, 84.5
  3. Tokyo Frog Kings, 79.5
  4. DC Trident, 42

Men’s 50 Free

ISL record: 20.24, Caeleb Dressel, Cali Condors

Kristian Gkolomeev of the LA Current scored a 20.97 with a huge 50 free as Tokyo finished 2-3 with Kosuke Matsui and Vladimir Morozov. The Roar finished in seventh and eighth as the Current extended their lead early and Tokyo moved to second.

Women’s 50 Free

ISL record: 23.29, Ranomi Kromowidjojo, Team Iron

Beryl Gastaldello of the LA Current swam a season best of 23.76 in the 50 to win her second event of the day. London’s Freya Anderson had a great close to finish in second with LA’s Abbey Weitzeil in third. Gastaldello jackpotted eighth place with her dominating swim.

Men’s 200 IM

ISL record: 1:50.76, Daiya Seto, Energy Standard

London’s Andreas Vazaios scored a minor upset with a 1:52.65 to win the 200 IM ahead of Kosuke Hagino as there was a lot of hype around the Hagino – Duncan Scott matchup. Scott finished in fourth as DC’s Abrahm DeVine got third.

Women’s 200 IM

ISL record: 2:04.06, Melanie Margalis, Cali Condors

Tokyo’s Yui Ohashi snagged a much-needed win for the Frog Kings with a 2:05.26 in the 200 IM as she swam a controlled race to add only about a tenth to her season best time. London’s Sydney Pickrem finished in second to allow the Roar to hold on to second place as LA’s Anastasia Gorbenko finished in third.

Men’s 50 Breast

ISL record: 25.50, Emre Sakci, Team Iron

London’s Adam Peaty overcame a poor start to out-touch the field and grab an extra jackpot point to win the 50 breast at 26.10, ahead of LA’s Felipe Franca and London’s Kirill Prigoda. The Roar are now 1.5 points behind the Current.

Women’s 50 Breast

ISL record: 28.86, Lilly King, Cali Condors

London’s Alia Atkinson made it back to back wins for the Roar as the Jamaican swam a stellar race with a 29.66, scoring a 1-3 finish with teammate Annie Lazor. DC rookie Lindsey Kozelsky placed second as Atkinson picked up an extra point with the jackpot rule. The Roar have taken the lead in the team standings.

Men’s 4×100 Free Relay

ISL record: 3:04.93, Aqua Centurions

The LA Current won the men’s free relay with a 3:06.24 with the team of Maxime RooneyTom Shields, Kristian Gkolomeev and Dylan Carter holding off the London Roar in second. The Current’s B team placed third to give the team the lead back at break two.

ISL match five team scores at break 2:

  1. LA Current, 173
  2. London Roar, 172.5
  3. Tokyo Frog Kings, 142.5
  4. DC Trident, 101

Women’s 50 Back

ISL record: 25.74, Olivia Smoliga, Cali Condors

London’s Kira Toussaint swam a huge race for the Roar with a 25.96 to win the 50 back ahead of DC’s Linnea Mack. There was a lot of hype around LA’s Beryl Gastaldello if she could continue her winning streak on the day but she wound up third as the Roar took the lead back with Toussaint getting jack pot points from sixth, seventh and eighth.

Men’s 50 Back

ISL record: 22.55, Guilherme Guido, London Roar

Guilherme Guido swept the 50 back for the Roar with a 22.86 to grab the jackpot points from sixth, seventh and eighth. LA’s Ryan Murphy was second and DC’s Mark Nikolaev was third.

Women’s 400 Free

ISL record: 3:54.06, Katie Ledecky, DC Trident

Leah Smith led wire to wire in the 400 free to win with a 4:00.18 for a 1-2 finish with Chihiro Igarashi of the Frog Kings, giving Tokyo some momentum moving forward. Smith grabbed an extra point with the jackpot rule as London’s Aimee Willmott finished in third just ahead of DC’s Kathrin Demler.

Men’s 400 Free

ISL record: 3:37.48, Felix Aubock, New York Breakers

The DC Trident duo of Velimir Stjepanovic and Zane Grothe touched simultaneously in the 400 free as they touched at 3:41.46 and will take an extra jackpot point. Tokyo’s Katsuhiro Matsumoto finished in third to head into the all-important medley relays.

Women’s 4×100 Medley Relay

ISL record: 3:46.82, Cali Condors

The London Roar claimed their second relay win of the day with Kira Toussaint, Alia AtkinsonMarie Wattel and Freya Anderson taking a dominant 3:47.85 to have control of the Skins event tomorrow. The Current finished in second but were disqualified, with the Frog Kings now in second.

Men’s 4×100 Medley Relay

ISL record: 3:21.24, Energy Standard

The LA Current broke the ISL record to close the day on ISL match five with a 3:20.95 with the team of Ryan MurphyFelipe Franca, Tom Shields and Maxime Rooney using a strong back half to beat the Roar and the Frog Kings. The Roar had the lead early with Guilherme Guido and Adam Peaty but couldn’t hold that with Marius Kusch and Duncan Scott on the back end.

The Current will have control of the men’s Skins as they sit in second overall in the team standings.