IPC Swimming World Championships: Open Water 5Ks Conclude Meet

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EINDHOVEN, The Netherlands, August 21. THE open water swimmers took to the water to conclude the IPC Swimming World Championships held in Eindhoven.

Australia's Brenden Hall (S9) won the men's 5K S1-S10 race with a time of 1:01:13.14, while Portugal's Emanuel Goncalves (S10) took second in 1:01:16.85. USA's Joe Wise (S10) wound up third overall in 1:02:34.58.

Three swimmers competed in the men's S11-S13 5k with Russia's Sergey Punko (S12) winning in 59:58.19. Spain's Enrique Florianio (S12) and Germany's Robert Doerries (S13) also swam with times of 1:00:55.75 and 1:06:44.62.

South Africa's Natalie Du Toit (S9), who routinely competes and succeeds against the world's best in able-bodied open water events, cruised to victory in the women's S1-S10 5K with a 1:00:22.00. France's Elodie Lorandi (S10) placed second in 1:06:48.05, while Croatia's Sanja Milojevic (S9) earned third in 1:07:33.25. Australia's Teigan Van Roosmalen (S13) was the only competitor in the women's S11-S13 5K, and she finished in 1:17:35.51.

Open Water Results