Grant Hackett Reveals Story Behind Recent Personal Struggles

Grant Hackett Pan Pacs 2014
Photo Courtesy: Delly Carr

Australian Olympian and distance legend Grant Hackett has opened up about his recent personal struggles in an article featured on The Australian website. In the piece Hackett sheds light on story behind a recent photo his severely bruised face that was posted at peak of his troubles.

Hackett said that his battered face was a result of an altercation with his brother who was attempting an intervention with the Olympian. While he said alcohol wasn’t directly involved in that incident, Hackett said that alcohol was a major contributor to his recent arrest, which occurred at his parents house back in February.

The Australian has had several publicized instances with alcohol over the past year, including an altercation on an airplane in April of 2016. He also had a public incident back in 2012 prior to his divorce from his wife that saw him destroy his apartment in the presence of his wife and young children.

Citing anxiety and his troubled marriage as major factors in his public struggles, Hackett also revealed that after his arrest at his parents house he had hit “rock bottom.” Following the incident, Hackett has spent several weeks in the United States at the invitation of Olympic legend Michael Phelps.

“Hacky is like a brother to me,” said Phelps in an interview with the The Sunday Telegraph, who cited their friendship of over 15 years as a reason to reach out and help Hackett.

The three-time Olympic gold medalist is coming off a recent comeback leading up to the 2016 Olympic Games. While that did not include an Olympic berth, Hackett did qualify for the 2015 World Championships where he won a bronze medal as part of the Aussie 800 free relay.

You can read the full story from The Australian here.


  1. Jodie Jones

    Good on you Grant !!!

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    Steve Con

    Glad to see that MP is paying it forward for all the help he’s received

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    Hacky Fan

    Hacky was just in the Caymans and did the Flowers sea swim!