Our Background and History

The Fitter and Faster Swim Tour Presented by SwimOutlet.com has produced more than 800 clinics in over 40 states since being founded in 2009. More than 50,000 swimmers have participated in our clinics.

Fitter and Faster is the only turn-key elite level swim clinic operation in the United States. We handle all of the work from the day we agree to produce a clinic or camp with “local hosts” until the event concludes and we send “Thank you for attending emails” and surveys to all the participants and volunteers.

We select where we produce clinics based on the shared objectives and relationships we establish with teams, LSCs, and leagues.

Depending on the schedule of the athletes we work with, we are capable of producing ten clinics or camps anywhere in the United States on any weekend during the year.

Dedication to Quality

Fitter and Faster Swim Tour understands what teams are looking for, and what matters to participants, coaches and parents. Many families are repeat customers. Some families have been to as many as four to six clinics over the years.

Over the past five years, Fitter and Faster has produced multiple clinics for many USA Swimming, YMCA, Rec League, Summer League teams and LSCs

It’s all about your objectives

Producing clinics and camps that fulfill the goals of our Event Hosts is very important to us. Fitter and Faster Swim Tour Presented by SwimOutlet.com produces clinics and camps for competitors of all ages and abilities.

“Clinics” are typically one session with a group of participants. Approximately 50% of the time Event Hosts will have Fitter and Faster produce two custom “clinics” on the same weekend. In these instances, each session is designed for a specific age group and/or ability, allowing the host to meet the needs of everyone on their team.

“Camps” are typically two or more sessions with the same group of participants and can last up to two to four days.


Some swim clinics and camps have a very narrow focus and others are more broad. Each event can focus on topics that are important to you. (Info on water polo clinics). Popular topics and features covered at swim clinics and camps have included:

• Technique for any and/or all of the four strokes (Offered for all levels)

• Sprinting and Racing Skills

• Distance swimming (Offered for all levels. VERY popular for Masters Swimmers as well.)

• Dry-land training (Various elements of dry-land, strength and athleticism. Dry-land plays an important role at all Fitter and Faster clinics.)

• Parent Education Seminars (Led by the parent of an Olympian and/or the Olympians on the Fitter and Faster Swim Tour)

• Speed and Power (** Only offered for swimmers who compete at “A” USA Swimming Motivational standard or better ages 12 and up.)

• Meet preparation (** Only offered for swimmers who compete at “A” USA Swimming Motivational standard or better ages 12 and up)

• Long Axis Performance
(Offered for all levels)

• Short Axis Performance
(Offered for all levels)

• Racing Skills such as starts, turns, breakouts and underwater kicking
(Offered for all levels)

• Coaches Seminars

ArticleHow to get the most out of your Fitter and Faster Experience and Finding the Best Clinics and Camps for you.

Session length: A typical session for a clinic or camp is 4 hours long including one hour for “sign-in” and photos. However, we have done other varying durations, depending on the goals of the host.

Fitter and Faster has a full-time team dedicated to ensuring your event is a success and provides an incredible experience for your community. Hosting a Fitter and Faster Swim Tour clinic or camp is an opportunity for you to have a first-class event for your community. Fitter and Faster removes a lot of the “heavy lifting” often associated with producing an event.

On Site Management and Features

A Fitter and Faster Professional Event Manager leads and attends every single clinic and camp we produce.We take ownership of the quality and experience that is promised to participants, hosts, parents and the Olympic Clinicians. The Event Manager will arrive early to the facility and work with a team of volunteers to setup the venue and create the Fitter and Faster “experience” we guarantee for your clinic.

• Fitter and Faster clinics are guaranteed. Once we agree to do a clinic with you, it actually happens – no matter how many participants sign up.

Customized Curriculum: Our experienced staff will work with you to determine the focus of each session that you host and build a unique curriculum.

Customized Event Web Page: We produce a custom web page which uniquely describes what participants will learn at your clinic. Please click any of the cities on the left to see the event detail pages for other clinics and camps.

Registration sales: All registration sales are handled online. The Fitter and Faster staff handles all sales and customer service! We are capable of offering promotional codes, group discounts and other features to suit the financial needs of all local hosts and participants. At any time we can provide you with a list of the swimmers from your team who have signed up. The initial 20 families who register from your team will receive a discount.

Private Swim Clinic: One registrant and up to two friends will win a free 1/2 hour private clinic with one of the clinicians.

Photos: Every participant has an opportunity before the event begins to take a free photo with the elite clinicians while wearing their Olympic or other major medals. Additionally, if the participant chooses, we print out 8×10 photos that the participants can have signed by the clinicians at the conclusion of the event.

Videos: FFT plays videos during the sign in of every event to highlight stroke demonstrations and races.

Gift bag and Yearbook: Participants of all FFT clinics and camps are provided a gift bag and an informative Yearbook. While, the FFT Yearbook has been requested by hundreds of teams, it is exclusively provided to FFT participants and partners.

We Pay and Coordinate: FFT coordinates and purchases all athlete and event staff flights, hotels, rental cars, meals, and appearance fees

Insurance: FFT has and pays for event insurance

Volunteers: The FFT Event Manager works with six volunteers provided by the host team. The volunteers help with the set up, sign in process, and repacking on the day of the event. Working in coordination with the event manager, the volunteers help ensure a smooth, safe program throughout the course of the day. The work is not hard and is very organized. Volunteers all have a lot of time to enjoy the event. We also provide gifts for the volunteers.

A swim or water polo clinic or camp is a great way to educate, inspire and further strengthen your relationship with your organization and members.

Months before your clinic, Fitter and Faster provides you with material that builds excitement and awareness of your clinic.

• Emails: Fitter and Faster will provide you with beautifully designed emails for you to send out to your team and promote your event.

• Custom Banners: We will create a large custom vinyl banner with your event details, for you to hang up in facilities, months prior to a clinic, attracting views from your daily patrons.

• Postcards: We design and print 500 to 1,000 postcards customized for your clinic. These are great reminders for you to hand out to swimmers after practice and at swim meets.

Once your organization has completed its exclusive opportunity to purchase registrations, FFT can promote your event to swimmers in your region. Below is a list of the tools we use to make your event a success:

• Email blasts to the FFT customer database and our sponsors such as Swimoutlet.com

• FFT will invite other teams in your area who you have a strong relationship with.

• Promote the event through the ASCA database (American Swim Coaches Association)

• Press releases to local media

• Facebook, Twitter and Instagram posts about your event

• FFT will promote your event at local meets we attend

Enjoy special perks from the SwimOutlet.com Team Division for being a Fitter and Faster Host:

• A Free Team Store on SwimOutlet.com or embedded into your team website – complete with customized product selection

• Receive a $50 SwimOutlet.com store credit if you sign up for a new team store by the date of your FFT clinic

• Receive up to three free polo shirts for your coaching staff by putting the SwimOutlet.com logo on your Team Store or into your club website

• Receive a $100 “gear buck” credit if you send an email to your team about shopping at your new Team Store

• Use the Team Store for Fundraising – earn 8% to 10% back on most purchases made through your Team Store


Fitter and Faster Swim Tour selects where we produce clinics based on the shared objectives and relationships we establish with teams, LSC’s, and leagues.

We invest in every event that we produce and do our best to keep the financial investment on the part of the local host to a minimum. Our objective will be to help you earn back your entire investment.

The amount an Event Host pays is not as important to us as simply knowing we have a great, enthusiastic partner working with us.

High Quality Options for Camps and Clinics

Below is a list of typical session sizes and costs of registration for participants:

Essential Clinics: For swimmers of all ages and abilities. Up to 60 participants per group per session. Typically participants are separated into groups by age with no more than two groups per session. Online registration price is $79 per session/day.

Premier Essentials Clinics: For swimmers of all ages and abilities. Up to 42 participants per group per session. No more than two groups per session. Participants are separated into groups by age. Online registration price is $129 per session/day.

Performance Clinics: Up to 66 participants total per session. Participants must be either ages 12 and up OR have a minimum of one “A” USA Swimming Motivational time standard if 11 or younger. Online registration price is $139 per session/day.

Elite Clinics and Camps: up to 66 participants total per session. Participants must swim at a minimum of a “AAAA” USA Swimming Motivational time standard for a 12 year old no matter their ages. Online registration price is $149 per session/day.

**Occasionally, organizations wishing to further reduce or even eliminate the cost for participants can do so by paying a larger, non-refundable Event Host Fee. Speak with your Fitter and Faster Tour contact person for details.


FFT Impact

“If I had to list the top five moments of my life, the Fitter and Faster clinic would be one of them. I love swimming and going to clinic put me right in my element. I loved being able to get up close and work with Bobby Bollier and Kara Lynn Joyce.”

The first time we heard that one of the FFT clinics was the best day of a participant’s life, it really struck a cord. Every time we produce a clinic, the positive impact we have is something we keep at the forefront of our minds. It is very important to us that the Fitter and Faster clinic that each participant attends is a great learning experience and overall a very special, memorable day.

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Thank you for the opportunity to speak with you regarding producing a Fitter and Faster
Swim Tour clinic or camp for your organization.

We want to be an important part of your team’s education and inspiration programming.

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