Eyglo Gustafsdottir Breaks 200 Back Nordic Record

Photo Courtesy: Gudmundur Th. Hardarson

The Icelandic Long Course Championships began today with Eyglo Gustafsdottir and team SH downing an Icelandic record each, Gustafsdottir’s time also a new Nordic record.

Gustafsdottir dominated the women’s 200-meter backstroke, leading with almost 4 seconds after the first 50 and keeping the rest of the field at that distance and more to a 4.49 second win at the full 200.

The time is a new Icelandic and Nordic record of 2:09.36, improving upon her 2:09.86 from the 2015 Danish Open in Copenhagen, Denmark, 11 days ago. Splits 30.32, 32.47, 33.15 and 33.42.

“I am absolutely in the clouds”, said Gustafsdottir to Icelandic media Morgunbladid after the swim. “I am very pleased with this, quite ecstatic. I was not expecting to better myself even I really wanted to, as I have been struggling with a bit of illness at the moment.”

In the mixed 200-meter medley, Sundfelag Hafnarfjardar (SH)’s team of Kolbeinn Hrafnkelsson (M), Hrafnhildur Luthersdóttir (F), Predrag Milos (M) and Ingibjdrg Kristin Jonsdóttir (F) set a new Icelandic record, clocking 1:51.33 where SH’s record from March 2015 was 1:57.82.

The Icelandic Long Course Championships continue Saturday and Sunday. Start lists and results can be found here on SwimRankings.






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    Is this the same woman who swam for University of Florida a few seasons ago? ome to think she is a different girl, i.e., Hilda Luthersdottir. S that solves that question.