Extended Trailer for “What Would Ryan Lochte Do” Reality Show Released

PHOENIX, Arizona, March 26. WITH less than a month until the April 21 world premiere of the E! Channel reality show “What Would Ryan Lochte Do,” a lengthy promo trailer has been released that gives us a better understanding of the show's focus as cameras record the Olympic champion's exploits in and out of the pool.

Since last fall, E! producers have been following Lochte around the country as he reveled in the post-Olympic glow at clubs in Las Vegas, New York and Florida, and starts to returned his focus to the pool in preparation for the short course world championships. Cameras most recently followed Lochte on deck at the Arena Grand Prix in Orlando, Fla., as part of the series of episodes that will air this spring.

In this extended four-and-a-half-minute trailer, we see Lochte trying several pick-up lines on women, nearly crashing a golf cart and talking about the Lochte brand. There's also a little reveal into his softer side, as he breaks down while talking about his family's support over the years.

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