Dryside Training

Dryside Training With J.R. Rosania and Darian Townsend

PHOENIX-Trainer J.R. Rosania and Olympian Darian Townsend show you a great Dryside Training set to improve your kick in the May 2015 Issue of Swimming World Magazine. Imagine improving your kicking power without getting into the pool! Rosania says “The key is the swim/kick-specific exercises. Just as stroke-specific movements can increase a swimmer’s power to deliver more distance per stroke, I believe kick-specific exercises can do the same.” More to this article as well as demonstrations on how to do this kick set on land in the May 2015 Issue.

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012 Saving Scholarship Swimming
by George Block
Shortly before Christmas 2014, a small group of representatives from the American Swimming Coaches Association (ASCA), the College Swimming Coaches Association of America (CSCAA), USA Swimming (USA-S) and the U.S. Olympic Committee (USOC) met to brainstorm and develop an initial strategy to save scholarship swimming.

015 The Case For Snorkels
by Michael J Stott
Swim Coaches of all levels embrace the snorkel as a necessary training tool that has numerous benefits including breathing assistance, balance and improved head and body position.

020 Cal’s Bears Are Golden
by Jeff Commings and Annie Grevers
Cal captured its fourth women’s title in the last seven years, winning decisively over two-time defending champion Georgia, 513 to 452.

028 Too Easy!
by David Rieder, Jeff Commings, Jason Marsteller and Michael J. Stott
As Texas swimmers dominated the competition at NCAAs by winning seven events and setting records en route to a 129-point margin of victory, Coach Eddie Reese tied Ohio States’s Mike Peppe (1931-63) as the winningest NCAA Division I coaches (11 titles) in men’s swimming and diving.

034 First-Timers At Women’s NCAAS
by Annie Grevers

039 Behind The Scenes At Men’s NCAAS
by Michael J Stott

044 The Usual Suspects
by Jason Marsteller
Emory, Kenyon, Oklahoma Baptists and Indian River extended their winning streaks at this year’s NCAA Division III, NAIA and NJCAA Championships-ranging from three straight team titles up to 41. Only Queens University of Charlotte at the NCAA Div. II meet was able to end Drury’s run at the top and start a new “streak” of its own.

010 Lessons With the Legends: Bill Rose

018 Swimming Technique Misconceptions: Butterfly Breathing
by Rod Havriluk
A common swimming technique misconception is that a butterflyer should not change the angle at the neck to breathe. Typical advice is to maintain the non-breathing neck angle when breathing to avoid submerging the hips and increasing resistance. However, swimmers can actually minimize resistance by using the full range of motion of the neck to breathe.

052 Q & A With Coach Brad Isham
by Michael J. Stott

053 How They Train Kevin George
by Michael J. Stott

013 Dryside Training: Kick Set On Land
by J.R. Rosania and Darian Townsend

048 Goldminds: Swimming’s Most Importatnt Lessons (Part 2:#’s 16-30)
by Wayne Goldsmith
Here is a summary of the most important lessons the author has learned in the business of helping swimmers and coaches realize their potential-a personal journey 25 years in the making!

055 Up & Comers

008 A Voice For The Sport

056 Gutter Talk

058 Parting Shot