The East German Doping Program: An Overview

By Craig Lord EDITOR'S Note: The following is a synopsis of the key figures, events and developments associated with the systematic doping program of East Germany. Victims of the system

Former East German Athletes Sue Drug Companies

By Craig Lord March 2. VICTIMS of East Germany's state-run doping program are fighting for 3.2 million euros in compensation from the drug company whose steroids fueled the former communist

Aussies Hoping to Close Gap in 800 Free Relay

SYDNEY, March 2. ONE of the highlights of the Athens Olympics was the United States women claiming gold and breaking the world record in the 800-meter freestyle relay. Not only

Back to the Competitive Blocks for Phelps

By John Lohn AUSTIN, Texas, March 1. GUESS who’s back, and looking to expand an already mind-boggling arsenal? Yes, Michael Phelps is set to return to the competitive waters this