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Black Swimming History: Forgotten Hero of WWII

By Bruce Wigo. The participation of Americans of African descent in the U.S. military has a long and distinguished history-dating to the Revolutionary War.  During World War II, over one million African


Ella Eastin Heartbroken But Not Defeated

Morning Splash by David Rieder. Ella Eastin was an individual NCAA champion four-times over and an American record-holder in both IM events in short course yards. She had helped Stanford win

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Benefits of Signing an NLI in the Spring

By Ashley Illenye, Swimming World College Intern. The deadline of November 8 for swimmers to sign their National Letter of Intent has come and past. With that, the spring deadline of

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The Evolution of Backstroke

By Meaghan Raab, Swimming World College Intern. Backstroke is essentially the equivalent of freestyle, but on the back. In the Olympic Games backstroke has an interesting history. The first event to

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Two Lies And A Truth

By Jamie Kolar, Swimming World College Intern. Being in the water in swimming can be seen as a blessing because it can block out the rest of the world for