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Six Fun Sets to Try at Practice

By Kelsey Mitchell, Swimming World College Intern. For every swimmer and coach, there is that one set they always love to come back to. Whether it be for the intense


Sleeping Smart To Benefit Your Swimming

By Kaylie Williams, Swimming World College Intern. Every swimmer knows that sleep is one of the best forms of recovery – but between homework, training, classes and the occasional social

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Grace Bunke Makes Waves to Fight Cancer

By Xonzy Gaddis, Swimming World College Intern. In the year 2017, Swim Across America – a charity foundation which raises money for cancer research – gained a swimmer who was

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What Hurts More: My Brain or My Body?

By Olivia Wile, Swimming World College Intern.  In a sport that’s arguably 90 percent mental and 10 percent physical, competitive swimming poses plenty of challenges to the brain. With an

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5 Ways Journaling Helps Swimmers

By Courtney Mykkanen, Swimming World College Intern. Swimmers are constantly facing ups and downs, whether at meets, practices or just in daily life. One way swimmers can reflect on these