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Box Jumps for Explosive Leg Power

PHOENIX, Arizona, April 25. PREMIERE strength expert JR Rosania, of JR HealthPlex, has high school Jr National team and Olympic trials qualifier Victoria Toris demonstrate the correct form when performing

Streamline Flutter Kick with Suspended Hips

PHOENIX, Arizona, April 12. IN the above video, Olympic Trials qualifier and high school swimmer Victoria Toris is performing a streamline flutter kick. The hips are suspended using a TRX

Three Exercises to Improve Core Strength with JR Rosania

PHOENIX, Arizona, April 10. PREMIERE Swimming World Magazine fitness expert JR Rosania presents three exercises swimmers can do to improve core strength. Olympic Trials Qualifier Daren Brubaker demonstrates the three

Video Interview Dana Kirk on Women in Coaching

PHOENIX, Arizona, April 10. PALO Alto Stanford Aquatics coach Dana Kirk talked to Swimming World TV about her second annual Women in Coaching Clinic in between sessions at the 2013