Camp of the Week

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Featured Camp: Arete Swim Camp

The Arete Swim Camp is celebrating its 20th anniversary of inspiration and intense instruction led by three-time USA National Team Coach Chuck Warner. For sixteen consecutive years ARETE has sold out most

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Featured Camp: Florida Gator Swim Camp

The University of Florida Gator Swim Camp is a developmental camp designed to teach swimmers proper technique and provide quality training to swimmers of ALL abilities between 8 and 18

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Featured Camp: Total Performance Swim Camps

Total Performance Swim Camps are designed to inspire competitive swimmers to achieve their own “Total Performance.”  For over 37 years, they have provided what matters to swimmers and parents most: world-class

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Featured Swim Camp: Arizona Swim Camp

The Arizona camp has attracted swimmers throughout the Southwest region and beyond. The combination of personalized filming, extensive pool sessions, and highly experienced Division I coaches makes the 2017 Arizona

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Featured Camp: Ultimate Swim Camp

Ultimate Swim Camp Take your swim game to the next level. Join five-time Olympic medalist Josh Davis and award-winning Collegiate Swim Coach Dan Lloyd for a week of stroke-refining, adventure-chasing,