Canadian Short Course Championships: Flash Annamay Pierse Breaks 200 Breast World Record

TORONTO, Ontario, Canada, March 14. ANNAMAY Pierse of the UBC Dolphins won herself a brand new Pontiac Wave as Swimming Canada's world-record bounty proved to be an extra incentive for a global standard to fall at the Canadian Short Course Championships.

Pierse clipped Leisel Jones' world record in the 200 breast with a time of 2:17.50. Jones held the previous standard with a 2:17.75 set in Melbourne in 2003.

"I think almost every single person in the building asked me if I would drive away with that car," Pierse said immediately after the swim. "The crowd was amazing, and you all went nuts as soon as I walked out. I [am drawing a bit of a blank] about what my strategy was in there. When I am hurting, my coach just tells me to keep my head down and keep my streamline. The crowd kept me going that last 50."

Here are the comparative splits:
Pierse: 31.36, 1:05.96 (34.60), 1:41.51 (35.55), 2:17.50 (35.99)
Jones: 31.73, 1:07.11 (35.38), 1:42.77 (35.66), 2:17.75 (34.98)

Incidentally, the effort also broke Pierse's national record of 2:18.59 set last month. The Canadian celebrated in style during the podium portion of the evening. Not only did she get the car keys and her gold medal, event organizers presented her with a bottle of champagne. She promptly popped the cork and sprayed the rest of the swimmers on the podium.

Thankfully, the building was filled with plenty of swimmers as the cork wound up in the competition pool.

Event – Épreuve 39 Female 200 SC – Breast – Brasse
Heat 2 of 2 – Finals
Name – nom Age School Prelim Finals
1 Pierse, Annamay 25 UBC Dolphins 2:21.90 2:17.50
31.36 1:05.96 (34.60)
1:41.51 (35.55) 2:17.50 (35.99)