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Bringing more than 25 years of experience in the competitive swimming and sports equipment industry, our President, Neal Thomas, will assure you his new Company, Thomas Sports Products, Ltd., will focus on producing high quality products at competitive pricing. We shall strive to bring our customers the best service in the industry. We are a growing company with plans to add products to our line on a regular basis so we invite you to check back often for updated information.

Neal Thomas was a competitive swimmer and understands first-hand what it takes to succeed in the pool. His leadership will assure that we always have our eyes focused on the next big thing when it comes to the competitive swimming market as well as other competitive sports.

At Thomas Sports Products, Ltd., we know the importance of high-quality and effective equipment. We help athletes’ true talents shine.


Wave Breaker Racing LanesWAVE BREAKER™

Our 150mm Racing Lanes
offer greater surface area and
design features to absorb and
disperse wave energy during
training and competition.
Our 4” Racing Lanes
disperse waves along the
channel maximizing control
of the water surface. Faster
Times. Happier Swimmers.
Storage Reel

Large Capacity Stainless Steel Reel.
Quality workmanship
and new features.

Replacement Parts
TSP offers a full line of
replacement parts to keep
your racing lanes in service.


“When it comes to racing lanes, we go with TSP Lanes from Thomas Sports Products. I’ve personally known Neal Thomas for over 40 years and he is highly respected and knowledgeable in the competitive swimming field. When we use their lanes, we know we are using the latest technology from industry experts. I demand the best out of my swimmers, why not the racing lanes I purchase?”

Mark Schubert,
8-time Olympic coach
3-time NCAA Champion
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