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Home 1800 Second Street Suite 758 Sarasota Florida 34236 USA Work Phone: 941-955-2591 Work Fax: 941-955-0862


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Myrtha Pools Key Figures

1961 Year Founded

250 Direct employees

200 Distributors in Italy and worldwide

Myrtha Pools USA branch in Sarasota, FL

1500 Pools each year: over 300 commercial pools

65 Million euros turnover

Myrtha Pools® is a commercial organization of A&T Europe S.p.a. Founded in 1961 in Castiglione delle Stiviere (MN, Italy), it quickly became a leader in swimming pool market. Thanks to continuous research and development Myrtha Pools has achieved numerous technological breakthroughs in the pool industry presenting the most advanced technologies.

The Company now designs and manufactures most of the components used in a Myrtha® pool and its technical department can assist with the planning and design of the pools as well as providing supervisory assistance during the actual installation.

Myrtha Pools® has built swimming pools in over 70 Countries around the world: from Iceland to Arabia, from Brazil to Japan, from United States to Australia; in all extremes of climatic and environmental conditions.

Myrtha Pools®’ exclusive technologies have been selected for the most outstanding international competition events, including the Olympic Games and World Swimming Championships.


Starting Blocks Myrtha Track-Start

Myrtha Track-Start is the new starting block designed by Myrtha Pools in order to facilitate the swimmer’s take-off and optimize competitive performance. The block is comprised of a special patented Omega platform that is compatible with the Omega Timing System as well as all other major timing system components.

The platform is designed to provide the athlete with a stable base for the “Track-Start” takeoff.

Specifically, the footrest permits swimmers to start with the back leg at a 90º angle allowing for an ideal position for the launch.

The special anti-skid platform can be adjusted to five positions according to the height of the athlete.

Myrtha Track-Start blocks are approved by F.I.N.A. and they are used in all international competitions including the Olympics and F.I.N.A. World Championships.