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The Aquacise! Coiled Swim Tether was designed for the aquatic low-impact exercise and aerobic fitness community. For the aggressive high-performance swimmers, we developed an extreme capability coiled swim tether, the “Aquacise! Competitor Model”. Over many years, Aquacise! Coiled Swim Tethers have been a preferred Swim-In-Place tool for thousands of Fitness and Competitive Swimmers. Aquacise Coiled Swim Tethers also serve quality of life applications for swimmers with special needs, rehabilitation, recuperation, arthritis and other issues. The Aquacise! Coiled Swim Tethers are convenient, high-quality tools for swim-in-place exercise and training from the average aerobic and exercise swimmer to the record-challenging performance swimmers.

Aquacise! Coiled Swim Tethers provide your exercise program with a convenient and effective tool for short or crowded pool exercise and training. For training as an individual or as a team, your Aquacise! tether makes continuing fitness easy, enabling maintenance of top condition, even when away from your normal, daily venue.

The Aquacise! Competitor Model
Instructor and Sports Version

Maintain top conditioning and train in a compact or crowded pool at home or on travel.

Swim-in-place with Progressive Resistance
accommodates your natural exercise and training rhythm.

The Aquacise! Competitor is a rugged and effective swim training tool, aquatically designed with a comfortable and adjustable waistband which allows the body’s complex muscle groups to move in natural, coordinated rhythm.

This aquatically inspired coiled leash is designed to maintain constant swimming resistance without restricting the swimmer’s natural stroke and kick movements while minimizing the differences in breath-control during stationary swimming vs open water swimming.

The Aquacise! Competitor includes a color-coordinated mesh Travel Bag

This attractive travel and storage carrier allows the Aquacise! Competitor to air dry and provides an excellent and convenient mode for between-exercise and training session storage.

The Competitor’s Rugged and Reliable Buckle and Comfortable Belt is adjustable to accomodate waist sizes up to about 44-45 inches. This buckle is easy to release with a single hand.

For our larger-waisted swimmers, we offer a belt adjustable to 60 inches waist-size at a small additional charge.
(Please select belt-size when you place your order.)

Fitness and Training  *

Competitor Model

Coiled Training Tether

Rugged, High-Strength
Instructor and Sports Model

Extended length of Competitor Coils:
Approximately 82 inches.

Self-looping strap attachment.

“Aquatically-Inspired” Coiled Leash

Comfortable Belt
Adjustable to 44-45 inches
(Select 45″ or  60″ waist size at order.)
Rugged and Reliable Buckle
One-Hand Operation


Aquacise! Pool Tethers
Low-Impact Natural Water Workouts for Any Age

“Progressive Resistance” Coiled Swim Tether

Aquacise! Fitness Model Coiled Swim Tether

Low-Impact Natural Water Workouts for Any Age
“Progressive Resistance” Coiled Swim Tether

Aquacise Competitor Model Swimming Tether