ZUMO – Click Here To Learn More

ZUMO – Click Here To Learn More
Business Name: ZUMO – Click Here To Learn More
Short Business Description: ZUMO is a custom swimwear manufacturer. We make premium swimwear for high school, university, club, or any other type of team. ZUMO – Made in California, Worn by Everyone.

The Land of the Water People

If you ask Anne-Marie and Giovanni Napolitano, owners of ZUMO, how many hours they think they’ve spent in the water, they’ll just look at you and smile. No doubt they were having too much fun to count.

They first met while playing professional water polo in Giovanni’s native Italy and later moved to Anne-Marie’s home state of California. Giovanni began designing and importing European custom team water polo suits for US teams. When he realized he could improve quality and provide superior service by manufacturing in California, he launched ZUMO. Quickly, the top NCAA teams became his most loyal customers. As business grew, Anne-Marie stepped in to use her experience working with one of the largest US apparel brands to grow ZUMO’s product assortment and run the business while Giovanni continued to lead design and production.

At ZUMO, we believe that high quality, custom swimwear should be easy to order, fast to deliver, and fun to compete in. Every day, we use our collective experiences as athletes, coaches, and parents to design products athletes will wear with pride. We strive to enhance that distinct magic that comes from being part of a team. Our custom styles remind athletes of that amazing season, the nail-biting finish, and—above all—the pure joy of sport.

Compete Like Everyone’s Watching

Our suits are designed and tested by athletes for a reason. The ZUMO team knows you need to feel your best to be your best. We select our fabrics based on performance and comfort, and we make our products by hand, right here in California. We use high quality inks and dye sublimation to apply artwork, which means our designs never fade. ZUMO quality means you can trust the integrity of your gear no matter what happens under the water.

Classic or Flashy and Everything in Between

For us, customization is where the fun starts. We love that each team can train and compete in a style that’s distinctly theirs. From a simple, well-placed logo to personalized gear for each athlete to a highly customized theme, our designers won’t stop working until each team has what they came for. We apply the artwork using a dye sublimation technique, which means the design possibilities are practically limitless. Want to get inspired? Check out our Design Gallery for some custom team styles created by our designers.


We Get It

We know the task of organizing a team order may be daunting, but we’ll make it easy. Our Team Sales Reps are also coaches and they love helping teams. They’ll make sure your team gets a free Size Kit so every athlete’s suit is the perfect fit. We’ll also set up a Team Shop for you so team members can order and pay on-line. And since our gear is made locally, you’ll get it quickly. We’re the only custom swimwear company to guarantee our fast lead-times. Fast and easy, that’s our style.

We know you’re busy. We know there are many things you love to do and this may not be one of them. So contact us here.

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