TritonWear – Click Here To Learn More

TritonWear – Click Here To Learn More
TritonWear – Click Here To Learn More
TritonWear is committed to delivering elite-level training knowledge and tools to everyday swimmers and coaches. As the world’s most comprehensive swimming analytics platform, TritonWear takes the guesswork out of training with AI-based performance measurement and biomechanics tools, TritonWear provides the intel swimmers and coaches need to swim faster.

TritonWear technology helps swim teams take performance to the next level. Train smarter by pairing accurate, automated data collection with real-time training feedback, long-term tracking, and advanced insights. TritonWear Train allows coaches to focus on making improvements, while it collects 12 metrics for all athletes simultaneously. Basing decisions on these metrics improves coaching efficiency and athlete performance, by focusing training on individual weaknesses. TritonWear Insights engages athletes in their performance like never before. Data visualizations clearly highlight progress over time, while Hero Comparisons show athletes their metrics compared to professional swimmers. Track, Learn and Improve with TritonWear today.

Our Mission & Values

We aim to give coaches and athletes the right tools and resources to make better decisions in their training. Sports are becoming more data-driven, and we’re championing this change by providing accurate metrics and analytics tools that have never before been seen in our industry. From our roots in competitive swimming to the sports industry at large, we’re committed to pushing the boundaries of what’s possible in technology.

Triton Devices
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  • TritonWear – Click Here To Learn More
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