Swimming On The Wall – Click Here To Learn More

Swimming On The Wall – Click Here To Learn More
Swimming On The Wall – Click Here To Learn More
Swimming On The Wall Founders fell in love with sport and anything related and knew that they wanted to start an online business for others who share in our love of the sport.

Now they sell everything from medal holders for swimmers to race bibs displays, running bracelets, and running tees.  They offer the highest quality of products on the market and strive to keep everything they offer as ‘green’ as possible, making sure that all of their display and medal holders are made from recycled MDF wood and non-chemical based varnishes.  As owner-athletes, it’s important for them to do everything they can to keep the environment looking as best as possible.

Swimming On The Wall Founders
We do things differently…

Since we both train hard, we also know that at times, you might need a little inspiration. This is why we’ve added short, catchy, inspirational slogans and sayings to many of our products, medal display and race bib hanger. Not only
will this help keep you motivated, we feel, it adds a new element of fun. Whether you hang your running stickers on your car window, showcasing your love of running or you choose to wear a running bracelet or necklace on a day to
day basis, those around you will know this is a big part of who you are. And, what’s more is that our products are also highly customizable. You can choose from our pre-created products, selecting your chosen color choice (and often text font choice) or, for those who want to create something a little more unique, you can design your own using our customizable services. No matter what your preference happens to be, we are confident you will find what you’re looking for in our store and be thrilled with your purchase when it arrives.

All of the products we offer from, race bibs display to medal holder to virtual runs are hand crafted by my husband and I, so you can be sure when you place your order you’ll be getting that high level of workmanship that will stay looking great for years to come.

Whether you are buying running swag for yourself or looking for gifts idea for a loved one, we are proud to offer what you need.

Thanks for shopping with us!  – Melianna and Alex


Swimming ribbons display - SWIMMIMGA Swimming ribbons display – SWIMMIMG

Starting at: $39.99


athletic recovery sandalsAthletic recovery sandals

Starting at: $22.99

Man triathlon shirt - olympic logo

Man triathlon shirt – 

Starting at: $17.99

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