Dolfin Swimwear – Click Here To Learn More

Dolfin Swimwear – Click Here To Learn More
Dolfin Swimwear – Click Here To Learn More
Dolfin, a division of Elite Sportswear L.P., has been one of the leading performance swimwear brands for more than 70 years. It is recognized for offering the best value in the industry, with the highest standards of innovation, quality, and customer satisfaction. Dolfin is dedicated to every swimmer, whether you are learning to swim in Little Dolfin, training in Uglies, competing in LightStrike or Dolfin FirstStrike, outfitting your team in Dolfin Team Suits and Apparel, or staying active in Aquashape. Dolfin tech suits are proudly worn by some of the best swimmers in the sport, including World Champion long distance freestyle swimmer Zane Grothe.

Today more swim teams are competing and training in Dolfin than ever before! Dolfin Swimwear has been one of the leading swimwear brands for over 50 years. We offer the best value in the industry with the highest standards of innovation and quality.




The company was founded in Shillington, Pennsylvania as Reading Airchutes, Inc. to manufacture cargo parachutes for the U.S. Air Force and was one of their main suppliers of cargo and bomb parachutes throughout World War II.


The company reorganized at the conclusion of World War II as Jean Vernon, Inc. which became a manufacturer of silk and nylon lingerie.


Due to the companies expertise in the lingerie business and their work with nylon and nylon blended fabrics the company designed and launched a line of nylon racing suit for the competitive swim market under the trade name ”Dolfin”.


Jean Vernon introduced a line of lightweight track uniforms.

1962 – 1968

Dolfin’s rapidly expanding competitive swimwear and track wear resulted in a de-emphasizing of the Jean Vernon lingerie business.


The company changes its name to Dolfin Corporation and discontinued the Jean Vernon line of lingerie to focus on the swimwear and trackwear lines.

1970 – 1977

The majority of Dolfin’s business remained in the competitive swim market, however the line of track uniforms became a leader in this limited market.


Running/fitness market exploded and Dolfin was positioned as the leading manufacturer of track clothing.

1980 – 1983

Dolfin running and fitness soared into a nationwide phenomenon due to a unisex 2 ply tricot short in solids and candy stripes.


The Thomas H. Lee Company buys the company shortly before the fad begins to end and sales of the block-buster product go into a rapidly declining free fall. Lee hires J. Korth and B. McElroy to run the business and restore the competitive swimwear business and expand the track business.

1986 – 1987

The Thomas H. Lee company breaks into 2 companies and divides up the companies they own and offers management the opportunity to purchase Dolfin Corporation, which is done in 2007 with the name being changed to Dolfin International Corporation. Dolfin establishes international presence.


Dolfin purchases a building and combines all manufacturing and warehousing.

1987 – 2008

Dolfin maintains a small position in track while establishing a niche position in the large volume competitive swimwear market. In the early 2000s, Dolfin launched what has become the #1 selling practice suit in America called Uglies.


The Aquashape brand hit the market originally under the Ocean label which Dolfin then purchased.


Dolfin releases first Fina approved tech suit.


Bellas brand hits the market.


Dolfin athletes posted a 2016 Olympic gold medal and multiple Paralympic gold medals and World Records.



Dolfin is now offering a Team Sponsorship Program which fully outfits teams while providing added benefits to both our coaches and their swimmers. Below are descriptions of some of the major perks of this program. If interested, please fill out our contact form by clicking the button below.

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