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Black Line Swimming – Click Here To Learn More
Black Line Swimming – Click Here To Learn More
Black Line Swimming is a new manufacturer of affordable, innovative, state of the art competitive swimming facility equipment and technology, from pace clocks, to starting blocks, to lane ropes, to underwater video analysis suites, and everything in between!

Black Line Swimming is a small team of dedicated lifelong swimmers and swim coaches with one goal: designing and building innovative, high quality, state of the art competitive swimming facility equipment at a price that’s right for all.

Company History: Black Line Swimming was founded by Tim Taylor in 2018. He got the idea for Black Line Swimming in 2015 when he was looking for an outdoor digital pace clock he could use while coaching his Masters team in the evenings. After seeing the high prices for digital pace clocks on the market and being on a team that didn’t have the funds to pay for such a clock, he ended up downloading a full screen clock app on a tablet and using it as a pace clock. It wasn’t visible from the other end of the pool or when it caught any sunlight, but it was better than nothing.

That experience germinated in the back of his mind for the next few years, and after looking up the prices for top tier starting blocks, he decided to see if it was feasible to design and manufacture high quality, top tier competition equipment in the US at a price that wouldn’t break the bank. Tim hired a freelance engineer to do some quick equipment designs in 2017 to determine the feasibility and, when he realized it actually was possible, founded Black Line Swimming in 2018.

Tim has assembled a small team of engineers and swimming enthusiasts, all lifelong competitive swimmers, and they’ve come up with one goal: create innovative, state of the art aquatic facility competition equipment at a price that’s right for all. The Black Line Swimming team all live and breathe swimming and have a combined 150+ years of competitive swimming and coaching experience.

They’ve been on swim teams that have barely had the money to pay their coaches more than minimum wage and they’ve been on teams that have had the funds to outfit their facilities with bleeding edge, state of the art equipment without blinking an eye. With Tim’s experience as a swimmer and coach having been more on the former end of the spectrum, that’s where the mission to create affordable top tier equipment came from.

Black Line Swimming is preparing for its first product launch in Fall 2019–they’re hard at work designing, testing products, and working out contracts with American manufacturing partners. Black Line Swimming is committed to designing and assembling all their products here in the US and manufacturing their components in the US whenever possible.

They’re planning to launch with a handful of products, then add products to their product catalog one at a time as they make it through the design, prototype, test, and manufacture stages. They’ve got 20+ innovative products on the product roadmap still to come after the launch in Fall 2019, so stay tuned for more exciting news! Check out the full product roadmap here!

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