Alexa Pierce, Rhyan White Among Double Winners at Utah High School State Champs

Photo Courtesy: Kim Monkres (Twitter) (@kmonkres_UHSAA)

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By Natalia Kaczor, Swimming World College Intern

On Thursday, February 9, 2017, the Utah Class 2A State Championships were held, while the Utah Class 5A State Championships were held Friday, February 10, both at Brigham Young University.

On the women’s side, the top three teams at Class 2A were as follows: Grand County with 244 points, Emery with 172 points, and North Summit with 170.5 points. On the men’s side, the top three teams t Class 2A were Emery with 237.5 points, North Summit with 165.5 points and Rowland with 154 points.

At Class 5A, Sky View women won with 322 points, followed by Cottonwood in 262 points and Brighton in 231.5 points. The Class 5A men champions were Lone Peak in 275.5, followed by Brighton in 163 points and Pleasant Grove in 158 points. The top three individual and relay finishers for each event are mentioned below:

Class 2A

Grand Country opened the meet with a solid victory in the women’s 200 medley relay with a time of 1:56.56. Rowland Hall followed in second in 2:08.99, with third going to South Summit in 2:11.46. On the men’s side, Emery clinched the victory in 1:44.70, followed closely by North Summit in 1:46.21 and Millard in 1:50.77.

River Richards won the first individual event on the women’s side, the 200 free, in 2:09.17. Kelsie Stonely followed in 2:13.07 with BriAnne Bass taking third in 2:22.55. On the men’s side Braxten Pierce was the only one under 1:50 with his 1:48.82. However, McKinley Card was close behind in 1:51.78 with third going to Koven Card in 1:57.30.

Alexa Pierce won her first out of two individuals with the 200 IM in 2:17.45. Alison Puri was second in 2:35.32 and Sadie Boyer third in 2:40.71. Tony Puertas cracked 2:00 for the men in 1:57.95, with Johan Boer in 2:06.62 and Keldan Guymon in 2:12.71.

In the 50 free, Mary Kimmerle narrowly out-touched Drew Roper 25.55 to 25.63, respectively. Rachel McMaster claimed third in 26.20. All three men were under 23 seconds, led by Nick Killian, 22.48, Eisley Scholes, 22.77 and Nate Gilbert, 22.96.

Pierce claimed her second individual in the 100 fly in 1:01.57. Olivia Reynolds claimed second in 1:06.84 and Amy Peterson in third with 1:10.18. Puertas, like Pierce, also won the 200IM /100 fly double, this time in 51.29. Daryl Guymon grasped second in 57.02, narrowly missed by Card in 57.76.

McMaster turned around from her third place finish in the 50 to claim the title in the 100 free in 56.96, followed closely by Gabriella Vitek, 57.43 and River Richards, 57.91. Daryl Guymon was teetering on the 50 second mark with his win in 50.30, followed by Gilbert in 51.38 and K. Card in 52.07.

Reynolds dominated the 500 from start to finish, touching in 6:00.22. Stonely followed closely in 6:02.82, with Maggie Zwahlen claiming third in 6:38.74. On the men’s side, Pierce dominated by over 20 seconds, winning in 5:08.31, followed by Lucas Erickson in second with 5:28.30 and Deegan Minchey in third in 5:45.50.

Grand County claimed its second relay title of the night with the 200 free relay in 1:45.10, followed by Rowland Hall in 1:52.83 and Emery in 1:54.96. For the men, Emery claimed the title in 1:33.88 over North Summit in 1:34.47 with Rowland Hall in 1:38.39.

Roper led the entire 100 back to finish in 1:00.74. Kimmerle was in a close second in  1:02.91, with Vitek  coming in at 1:04.52. On the men;s side, Boer claimed his first individual title in 56.42. Jayden Grose was the only other man under 1:00 with his 58.62, followed by Dustyn Haug in 1:00.25.

Sophomore London Richards stole the 100 breast title in 1:15.08, with Abriel Rosenvall in 1:19.13 and Clista Galecki in 1:20.54. For the men, Killian won his second title of the night with his 1:02.55 100 breast, with Eisley Scholes following in 1:04.10 and Guymon in 1:04.10.

For the final event of the night, the Emery women claimed the 400 free relay in 4:17.37, followed closely by North Summit, in 4:19.38 and Grand County in 4:39.60. The Rowland men dominated in 3:37.69, with Emery touching in 3:41.30 and Millard and 3:44.37.

Class 5A

Opening the meet for the women, Brighton won the 200 medley relay in 1:49.80, followed closely by Cottonwood in 1:50.50, who barely out-touched Sky View in 1:50.53. For the men, another close 1-2 finish went to Lone Peak in 1:36.04 followed by Brighton in 1:36.42 and Sky View in 1:41.25.

Sophomore Mariah Maile exploded in the first individual event of the night in the 200 free in 1:51.86, dropping almost four seconds off her previous best to win the title. Megan Brimhall came second in 1:53.96 and Natalie Davis in third in 1:58.28. For the men, Devin Bunnell touched first in 1:42.43, Zachary Julien second in 1:43.54 and Mitchell Simmons third in 1:44.12.

Rhyan White out-touched Rachel Butler for the 200 IM title with 2:05.53 to 2:05.55, respectively. Kyrie Sutherland touched third in 2:11.44. Blayze Kimble won the men’s 200 IM in 1:55.48, with Zachary Sannar in second in 1:57.31 and Colin Dailey in third in 1:58.95.

For the women’s 50 free, Fane Wolfgramm was just on the 24 second barrier, winning in 24.02. Alexa Walters touched second in 24.55 and Lexi Stimpson third in 24.90. The top three men were all under 22 seconds, led by Christian Simon in 21.45, Kimble Peterson in 21.67 and Josh Ries in 21.71.

The lone woman under 1:00 in the 100 fly was MJ Maile in 58.82. Kenzie Chesler touched second in 1:00.39 and Brooke VanBrocklin finished third in 1:00.62. For the men, Julien grabbed his  first individual title in the 100 fly in 51.14, followed closely by Jack Binder in 51.64 and Jordan Tiffany in 52.96.

Maile won her second individual of the night in the 100 free in 51.38. Brimhall got second in 52.66, while Millie Miggin finished third in 54.40. Junior Simon won the 100 free in 47.13, with Petersen in second in 48.36, and Bryant Karratti third in 48.49.

Butler captured her first individual win in the 500 free in 5:03.61, over 13 seconds ahead of her next competitor. Emma Walker finished second in 5:17.01, and Shelby Graves finished third in 5:17.89. For the men, Simmons dominated, winning in 4:41.99, ahead of brothers Bunnell and Dallin Bunnell, going 4:45.93 and 4:53.88, respectively.

The Sky View women won the 200 free relay in 1:36.97, led by a strong anchor leg of 23.73 by Brimhall. Second place went to Lone Peak in 1:40.68, followed by Lehi in 1:41.80. The men’s relay proved to be a battle for the top three places, which all finished within .63 seconds of each other. Lone Peak reigned supreme, touching in 1:29.15, followed by Brighton in 1:29.27 and Cottonwood in 1:29.78.

200 IM champion White also emerged victorious in the 100 back in 53.79. Wolfgramm swam to a second place finish in 57.18, followed by Davis in 58.95. Ries won in 50.57, almost three seconds ahead of Brade Tiffany in 53.46 and Jake Walters in 53.77.

In the last individual race of the night, Walters claimed the 100 breast in 1:05.46. Freshman Walker came second in 1:06.12, while Katelyn Price came third in 1:08.42. On the men’s side, Binder won in 57.93, followed by Kimble in 58.31 and Ben Verdejo in 59.26, good for third.

For the final event of the night, the 400 free relay, Sky View’s Brimhall used a 51.69 split to take over lead as anchor and beat out Cottonwood 3:37.12 to 3:37.65. Brighton finished third in 3:39.76. Lone Peak claimed the victory for the men in 3:14.10, just ahead of Cottonwood in 3:14.65, where anchor Simon raced to an impressive 46.19, but collectively could not catch Lone Peak. Mountain Crest finished third in 3:16.46.