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Club Swim Show, Episode Eight: The Investor

The Flounders hope to go “Big Time” when an energy drink company looks to invest in the team. As Bret Jones meets the team, however, Coach Charles begins to wonder

Club Swim Show: Motivational Speaker

Tensions are high among the Flounders after relationship drama between Jessie and Nathan. Through a series of fortunate events the team finds its salvation in motivational speaker Buck Berlins. To

Club Swim Show: Double Date

Catherine and Timmy invite themselves to join Jessie and Nathan on a double date, but things go awry when Catherine follows Kayla's dating advice. Meanwhile, Nathan looks for his chance

Club Swim Show: The Trainers

Devin convinces Charles to hire Sam and Michele, a couple of eccentric personal trainers, to get the team into shape. But as the husband-and-wife team pushes the Flounders to their

Club Swim Show: Quarantine

The Flounders are forced to bond while trapped in the locker rooms after the pool is contaminated. Meanwhile, Timmy becomes convinced that the pool is haunted by demon ghosts and

Club Swim Show: Flounder’s Court

Kayla and Timmy go head to head in a Flounders' courtroom showdown to determine Devin's place on the team. Charles struggles with his brother's unexpected return as well, but not