#30MostSwimfluential: Coach Peter Daland

Peter Daland 1200x800
Photo Courtesy: Swimming World

Who was Peter Daland?

  • Coached the University of Southern California for 35 years. Daland lead the Trojans to 17 Pac-10 titles, 17 National AAU Championships and 9 NCAA Team titles.
  • Co-founder of Swimming World Magazine.
  • Served as the Head Olympic Coach for the women in 1964 and the men in 1972.
  • Inducted into the International Swimming Hall of Fame in 1977.
  • Retired from coaching in 1992.

How did he influence the swimming community?

Daland left an indelible mark around the pool and in swimming media. His impact was so strong that USC named a pool after him. His image helped raise coaching into a respectable profession while memories of his attitude and traditions continue to inspire coaches today. He was also an active participant in the governance of the sport and an advocate for his athletes in and out of the pool. Throughout his 45 years of club and collegiate coaching, he touched the lives of thousands of swimmers.

*USA Swimming and Speedo invited the swimming community to help celebrate their 30 years of partnership by voting for the “30 Most Influential People in Swimming Over the Past 30 Years.” Votes were cast through social media with the hashtag #30MostSwimfluential and the final vote came from a panel of 10 judges selected by USA Swimming and Speedo. All 30 nominees have had a powerful impact on the swimming community. Many are recognizable names, but some have remained unsung heroes of the sport. Swimming World will profile each swimfluential person over the course of the week.