3 Golden Rules of a Great Kick in Swimming


By Wayne Goldsmith

Ever wondered how to improve your swimming kick?

Are you one of those triathletes or swimmers who’d prefer to watch 10 hours of infomercials than do a kick set?

Do you think kick is something more like torture than training?

Do you wish you could throw your fins in the bin and forget you ever saw them?

Well here’s video that will change your mind about kick and – believe it or not – you might even end up enjoying kick sets.

3 Golden Rules of Great Kick in Swimming:

  1. You can’t kick faster by trying harder – keep your legs long and relaxed and your feet soft and easy.
  2. You kick the way you walk – keep your body tall with your head, neck and body in alignment and feel the kicking power flow from your hips, through your thighs, to your knees, shins and feet;
  3. Little kicks are better than big kicks – or as we say on deck – “hide your kicks behind your hips”. Aim to kick no wider or deeper than the widest and deepest part of your body.

So give it a try and maybe you’ll “kick” your dislike of kick.

*Video courtesy of Australian Triathlon and Multisport Magazine. For everything swim, bike, run go to www.triathlonmag.com.au



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