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STR SpeedWeek Swim Camp: Using science to improve technique

Are you:  

  • looking for a significant time drop?
  • serious about improving your technique?
  • hoping to reduce or eliminate shoulder pain? 
  • ready to compete at the next level?
  • interested in extending your swimming career to college?

If you are, then an STR Speedweek is your best swim camp option! STR is the only swim camp with scientific studies that confirm the effect of our technique improvement strategies.

In the morning classroom instructional session, swimmers learn specific cues to see and feel so they can swim like MONA, a biomechanical model of optimal technique. The following pool session includes deliberate practice strategies to help the swimmers optimize technique – short swims at a slow stroke rate with lots of individual feedback.

In the afternoon, swimmers are tested in the pool and analyzed in the classroom with Aquanex – our patented system that captures synchronized underwater video and hand force data. This science-based analysis is unlike anything else in the world of swimming, giving swimmers the information they need to fine-tune their technique and make drastic time drops. 

Swimmers will learn to:

  • Optimize the non-breathing head positions
  • Control the base of support to minimize resistance and maximize propulsion
  • Benefit from elbow flexion at the beginning of the pull in all four strokes
  • Increase the arm index of coordination in freestyle
  • Minimize shoulder stress on the freestyle and butterfly arm entry
  • Reduce intracycle fluctuations in body velocity in breaststroke and butterfly
  • Gain extra propulsion on the push phase in freestyle, butterfly, and backstroke
  • Practice deliberately to make technique changes quickly

The STR bottom line: STR guarantees they can show every swimmer how to swim faster. SpeedWeek swim camps help swimmers make technique changes based on scientific data rather than opinion. Their campers make incomparable progress and learn practice strategies that help them continue to improve on return to normal training.

Each SpeedWeek is limited to 12 swimmers to ensure maximum individual attention by Dr. Rod Havriluk, world-renowned biomechanist and technique expert. Dr. Havriluk is internationally recognized for his unique approach to accelerating skill-learning and preventing shoulder injury. He is widely published and a frequent conference presenter (ASCA, ASCTA, BMS, FINA, IOC, ISCA, USAS, USMS, USSSA). In 2015 he was selected by Swimming World magazine as one of the top ten individuals making an impact on swimming.

2022 Dates Have Yet to Be Announced

Head coach, Dr. Rod Havriluk


Dr. Rod Havriluk, the president of Swimming Technology Research, has swum competitively since he was eight and has coached swimming for over a decade at all levels – from country club to NCAA Division I.  He has experience in many aspects of competitive swimming: He served as president of his daughter’s swim team booster organization; was a member of the medical testing staff at US Olympic Trials; served as a USA Swimming Referee;  participated on the Research Committee of the National Collegiate Women’s Swimming Coaches Association; coached a university water polo team; and is the current president of the International Society of Swimming Coaching.

Rod earned his Ph.D. in human performance from Indiana University in 1987. While at IU, he studied under the direction of Dr. John M. Cooper (“the father of modern biomechanics”) and the legendary Dr. James “Doc” Counsilman.  Rod also has an M.S. in exercise physiology from Florida State University. He taught biomechanics at Indiana University and was most recently an adjunct professor at both Florida State University and Thomas University.

Rod is a long time member of the American Alliance of Health, Physical Education, Recreation, and Dance; the American College of Sports Medicine; and the American Swimming Coaches Association. Rod is on the review board for numerous sport science journals; the editorial board for the Journal of Swimming Research; and the advisory board for the Counsilman Center for the Science of Swimming at Indiana University. He is also working with the International Swim Coaches Association (ISCA) to develop a new science-based coach education program.

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