Off The Wall: Michael Phelps Olympic Swansong, Longevity and Perseverance at the Elite Level, Trials Predictions, Nick Brunelli Interview -- June 24, 2012

OMAHA, Nebraska, June 24. OFF the Wall returns with episode two on Swimming World Radio at the dawn of U.S. Olympic Trials, the biggest meet held on American soil.

Nathan Jendrick and Felipe Delgado analyze choice events, make predictions on upsets and surprise swims, and talk about some of the athletes who are best known for not just longevity, but perseverance and striving to make their dreams come true.

The conversation then leads into an interview with world champion Nick Brunelli who, after two close calls, has sacrificed to make London his Olympic debut.

Michael Phelps Olympic Swansong | 1:35
Longevity and Perseverance at the elite level | 7:07
Trials predictions | 27:05
Nick Brunelli Interview | 40:43

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Nick Brunelli celebrates winning the 50m freestyle at the Duel in the Pool in the Georgia Tech Aquatics Center.
Courtesy of: Daniel Shirey-US PRESSWIRE


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