Sharkfest That DOESN'T Live Up To Its Name -- September 4, 2001 Photo by Peter Kapetanic

14 year old Roxanne  Frank (left), a High School swimmer from Pocouson Virginia, came to Morgan Hill  for the summer to visit her aunt, Tamara Schroeder (right in pic).  Roxanne was the youngest female swimmers (there was a 12 year old boy who was younger) to participate in the event.  Roxanne placed 2nd in her age group (0-19yrs) and Tamara placed 3rd in her age group ((40-44 female).

Here are a few photos from a swimmers view of those about to participate in the ALCATRAZ SHARKFEST swim (in SF Bay) sponsored by Envirosports on Sunday July 29,2001.

At least the event went without living up to its name -unlike the craziness going on with sharks on the East coast.

(Move your cursor over each photo for a description) Photo by Peter Kapetanic

A water level view of the start of the Sharkfest. Photo by Peter Kapetanic

Masters swimmers  at the ALCATRAZ SHARKFEST swim sponsered by Envirosports( Date: Sunday July 29,2001)  
This picture shows swimmers (unknown) as they jump off the boat and swim toward the starting line. Photo by Peter Kapetanic

Start of the Sharfest swim with Alcatraz in the background. 

Thank goodness for wetsuits.