Swimming World, April 2000, Volume 41, No. 4

18 Cover Story: Haunted by a Dream
By Karen Chase
Despite daunting odds, five veteran swimmers -- Dara Torres, Byron Davis, Anita Nall, Jon Olsen and Angel Martino -- are looking to the future with confidence and hope.

13 Olympic Flashback
By Steve Johnson
The third in a series of articles chronicling the history of swimming in the Olympics focuses on the Games in 1920 (Antwerp), 1924 (Paris) and 1928 (Amsterdam) as well as a mini-feature on the 'King of the Pool and King of the Jungle.'

26 Queen Brooke Challenged: Who Will Rule the Distance Lane?
By Phillip Whitten
Brooke Bennett is in line to reign supreme in both distance events at this year's Olympics. But a new host of challengers has arisen -- from all around the globe -- all with one goal in mind: to seize Bennett's crown in Sydney.

29 An Olympic Life
By Kari Lydersen
Aileen Riggin-Soule, America's oldest Olympic medalist, is living a storied and colorful life -- from becoming the first woman to medal in both an Olympic swimming and diving event in 1924 to show biz to traveling around the world to still setting swimming records in her 90s!

36 Getting Faster All the Time
By Samuel Palmer
Women's swimming performances have improved dramatically over the years, but will women ever swim faster than men?

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On the Cover: Byron Davis, 30, once retired, is still pursuing his Olympic dream. "I don't feel I've totally tapped into my potential yet," he says. And that's why he's training hard to make the Olympic swim team -- something no African American has ever done. Swimming World features five such athletes, including Dara Torres (above), Anita Nall, Jon Olsen and Angel Martino (see story, page 18). "I was always taught that persistence breaks down resistance," Davis claims. "Sooner or later, you'll break through your faults and your fears, and what manifests is something awesome."