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WorkoutMorning Stetch out
Ability Level:Aquatic Fitness
Course:SC Yards
Duration:90 Minutes
Submitted By:Denny
Email: dennislshea@yahoo.com
Club/Author Info:

Set Category Set Description Set Intervals
Warm-up 200 Swim
Long, smooth, and silent
(I like it quiet in the morning)
200 Swim
Drill Set Drill FR- 1. 6sec switch (on Side)
2. triple touch (hip, arm pit, shoulder)
3. 3+10 (3 pull/10kicks on side) 4. Fists
***Work Streamlines during DR sets***
4x100 Fr 50D/50S on 1:40
Warm-up Kick is done Strmline on Bk 200 IM K/s by 25
Drill Set IMO D/S
CH drills: FL-3R/3L, 2up 6k under, 1/2 pool perfect stroke
Bk- 6sec Switch, 3+10, fists, perf.
Br-Fl K, 3Br/3FlK, 1P/3K, 1P/2K
FR- above
8x 50 D/S IMO :55

Main Set Odd-Pulls-Good body roll and ride the water. Rotate breathing every 3 strokes, 5 strokes, .... by 25.

Even- Strokes Fast. turn over fast then Build stroke length. Good turns and transitions.
Fr Long and smooth
4x400 1&3 Hype Pull 3/5/7/9 6:00
2&4 alt. 50Str/50FR
Main Set 1&3 Hype Pull Same as Above
2. 100 Str/100Fr/100Str Hold your strokes per length. Fast in/out of turns.
3x300 1&3 Hype Pull 3/5/7/9 4:30
Main Set Same as above. Fast on Strokes. Long on Free. 2x200 1. Hype Pull 3:00
2. Alt 50Str/50Fr
Main Set Almost done. 1x100 Hype Pull 3/5/7/9 1:30
Warm-Down 200 Easy. Cool Down, Chat, and Get ready for school.

Only 75 Min. entire workout.
200 Easy

Total = 4400 SC Yards

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