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Workoutendurance workout game
Ability Level:USS ABC Level
Course:SC Yards
Duration:60 Minutes
Submitted By:amanda
Email: artchik27@yahoo.com
Club:bxst (bartlett extreme swim team)
Club/Author Info:this workout is used for our white group

Set Category Set Description Set Intervals
Warm-up the basic premise is that the coach creates cards that have set intervals/distances, and swimmers in each lane take turns picking a card without knowing what they are picking. some examples for warm up:

4 x 50 choice kick down swim back
2 x100 choice
2 x100 IM kick/ IM swim
Main Set again, swimmers are allowed to pick their main set cards examples:
200 free with fins
2x 50 scull down/swim back
50 one arm backstroke
50 fly drill
4 x 50 down slow, back fast choice
swim down, climb out dive in
150 fly with fins
200 breast stroke/free kick
and whatever else you want to add
Main Set i also have a question mark catagory to add a fun aspect to the workout. i alternate these card every 4 or so sets. they include fun things and working exercises examples:
splash the other lane, but not the coach

tread water for three minutes

50 corkscrew

everybody do a handstand
do 5 flips over the lane rope

see who can hold their breath the longest

10 push ups

swim down, get out-do a cannonball, swim back

have everyone yell something funny
and again, whatever else you wnat to add
Warm-Down whatever cards you want to make.

Total = appx SC Yards

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