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Workoutquality session
Ability Level:Aquatic Fitness
Course:LC Meters
Duration:120 + Minutes
AuthorBill Nelson/Aaron Tennabel
Submitted By:Mark Hinchey
Email: rhinchey@vtown.com.au
Club:university of newcastle
Club/Author Info: The university of newcastle is located in New South wales Australia.

Set Category Set Description Set Intervals
Warm-up 600 choice (9.00)
5*200 f/s-evens build, odds dec(1-3) (3.00)
4*100@-30below (1.30)
8*50 exp Ist 15m (50)



Main Set 16*100 main stk-odds quality, evens moderate (2.00) (2.00)
Warm-Down 8*400 f/s @-50 below max (5.20) (5.20)

Total = 6.9km LC Meters

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