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WorkoutBreastroke technique
Ability Level:USS ABC Level
Course:SC Yards
Duration:60 Minutes
AuthorSandra Healey
Submitted By:Sandra Healey
Email: H2oSandi@cs.com
Club:Parkrose Swim Club
Club/Author Info: NE Portland, Oregon
For A and B swimmers

Set Category Set Description Set Intervals
Warm-up 200 choice swim
100 choice kick no board
no interval..no stopping
Kick Set 3 x 50 K breastroke with board
Working on knees together and fast hard whip at end
:10 rest
Pull Set 4 x 50 pull breast
working on the timing of the breath and the catch position.
coaches send off so you can correct errors after each one
Drill Set 4 x 25 breast pull with flutter kick; working on a fast recovery with the body and arms :15 rest so you can give pointers

Drill Set 4 x 25 breast pull with dolphin kick; working on the anchor with the hands and the hips forward with the pull :15 rest
Main Set 2 x 50 swim breast
2 x 100 swim breast
continue to critique throughout set
:15 rest after 50's
:20 rest after 100's
Other 400 swim almost catch-up (freestyle)
good turns and streamline
aerobic pace

Total = 1,650 SC Yards

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