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WorkoutA quick workout from a swimmer!
Ability Level:USS Pre-Senior Level
Course:SC Yards
Duration:90 Minutes
AuthorCaitlan Mulholland
Submitted By:Caitlan Mulholland
Email: QtBuGgie9@hotmail.com
Club:Penfield Sea Dragons - USS
Club/Author Info:We get to make up fun sets for some of our practices. This is one of them that I especially like!

Set Category Set Description Set Intervals
Warm-up 200 SKDS:(which means)
200 Swim
200 Kick
200 Drill
200 Swim
15 Second rest
Pre-Set 12x100's do as followed:
50 swim 50 drill
IM order
On 1:15
Main Set 6x200 free do as followed:
50 6 kick on a side
50 Building pace
50 Fingertip drag
50 Sprint


odd ones free
even ones choice
15 second rest for 200's

on 35 seconds
Kick Set 14x50's
odd ones pace yourself
even ones hard
1:05 Inverval
Pull Set 8x100's
IM order ( go through twice )
10 seconds rest
Warm-Down 300 Warm down choice

Total = 5600 SC Yards

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