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WorkoutEndurance that you must beat!
Ability Level:Aquatic Fitness
Course:SC Yards
Duration:90 Minutes
AuthorMark Matthews
Submitted By:Mark Matthews
Email: matti@microtech.com.au
Club:St Patrick's Swimming Club
Club/Author Info:
St Patrick's is aiming towards the Pan Pac's this year. Already my most favourite swimmer (Jason Rice - ricey@as-if.com) has represented the club at the Australian Pan Pacific School Games doing a 28 for his 50m Freestyle. I'm so good to be able to get these results out of my swimmers. And I to do the programmes to keep me fit! They are a work out you won't forget! E-mail me with quieres!

Set Category Set Description Set Intervals
Warm-up 300 Freestyle
300 Choice
swim, kick, pill in 100's. Own pace so I can view you r stroke.
Main Set 4x25 Freestlye
4x50 Freestyle
4x25 Freestyle
on: 30, 55, 35 seconds
Main Set 4x25 Backstroke
4x50 Backstroke
4X25 Backstroke
on: 35, 60, 40 seconds

those times should be hard so you can add five seconds like i did if you want. i couldn't make them! and look at me, i'm the ost wonderful triathlete in the world!
Main Set 4x25 breaststroke
4x50 bresaststroke
4x25 breaststroke
on: 45, 70, 50 seconds

i like going behind everyone, cause i have this problem with my head. it always looks forward and can't bend at the neck so i did them on the 60 for the 25's and the 80 for the 50's.
Warm-Down 50m swim well, when your such a good triathlete like me but have your own business to run 'Clocks, Watches and Jewlerly' in the Center way Arcade, Launceston. TAS. AUSTRLIA it is hard to fit in time commitments. so 50 should do it. i went for a run later to get rid of all that lactat build up in my body though. you should do the same!

Total = 1850 SC Yards

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