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WorkoutThe Swim Train
Ability Level:USS ABC Level
Type:Middle Distance Free
Course:SC Yards
Duration:90 Minutes
AuthorBen Malcolm
Submitted By:Ben Malcolm
Email: ben@swim.com
Club:River Road Swim Club
Club/Author Info:

Set Category Set Description Set Intervals
Warm-up 300 Swim
300 Kick
300 Pull
swim continuously
Main Set Put 3-4 evenly matched swimmers in a lane and have them start by doing one length. When the last person arrives start again except do two lenghts. Continue this until you get to ten lengths then work down until you're back at one. This set works best with aggresive swimmers that will push each other to the max. The last person to go should be the best so he pushes the other swimmers.
Warm-Down 1x400
100 kick
200 drills
100 swim
swim smooth and relax don't rush on drills.
Other 2x(6x75)
1st length breathe 3
2nd length breathe 7
3rd length breathe 9-11
do 100 breathing to your wrong side between and after.
75's on 1:20

100's none

Warm-Down 1x400
100 swim
200 drills
100 kick
warm down nice and easy

Total = 5100 SC Yards

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