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WorkoutThe Undertaker
Ability Level:USS ABC Level
Type:Sprint Freestyle
Course:SC Yards
Duration:20 Minutes
AuthorCoach R. Schlatter
Submitted By:Coach R. Schlatter
Email: TRNswim@aol.com
Club:Toms River North High School Boys Swimming
Club/Author Info:

Set Category Set Description Set Intervals
Main Set This is a set that requires 4 swimmers in a lane. Two swimmers are in the start position on deck of the pool. Two swimmers are behind them in Push-Up position.

10 * 50 SPRINT
Push ups in between each sprint
When the coach starts the set, the two swimmers dive in from the deck and SPRINT a 2 lap, 50yd race. As the swimmers dive off the deck into the water, the two swimmers behind them on the deck begin doing push-ups. As the two sprinters finish, the four individuals have 10 seconds to change positions and the whole thing starts over again. The set is over when each two groups of swimmers have done 10 * 50 sprints.

Total = 500 SC Yards

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