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Workoutit will be hard
Ability Level:Aquatic Fitness
Type:Individual Medley
Course:SC Meters
Duration:120 + Minutes
AuthorBill Kramer
Submitted By:William Kramer
Email: wilkram@superbabe.D.I.Y
Club/Author Info:

Set Category Set Description Set Intervals
Warm-up 10*200
2 of each stroke-50 kick,50 drill,100 swim fast
20 seconds after 200s
Kick Set 2*(5*200)
1 of each stroke in each set
every 200 goes like that-
50 kick,50 drill,50 kick,50 swim
20 seconds after 200s,30 seconds after set
Pre-Set 20*200-2 free,2 IM
odds in pulse 145
even in pulse 155-160
20 seconds after odds,40 seconds after even
Drill Set 10*200 drill-odds in IM,even in free/worst stroke 20 seconds after 200s
Main Set 4*(10*200)-1 set in free,1 set in IM
odds-100 drill,100 swim pulse 155
even-pulse 155-160
15 seconds after odds,30 seconds after even,2 minuts after set
Pull Set 10*200 pull easy 20 seconds after 200s
Kick Set 2*(5*200)-1 of each stroke in each set
in each stroke-150 kick fast,50 swim easy
20 seconds after 200s,40 seconds after set
Pre-Set 5*(10*200)-1 set in free,1 set in IM,1 set in best stroke
in each set-
odds-easy,even-25 easy,25 allout
15 seconds after odds,20 seconds after even,30 seconds after set
Main Set 9*(10*100)odd set in IM,even set in IM order(1 of each stroke)
1-4-pulse 130
5-7-pulse 140
8-9-pulse 155
after 1-4-15 seconds
after 5-7-25 seconds
after 8-9-30 seconds
after 10-1 minute
Warm-Down 2*1000
1st-200 choice,200 free-no more then 3:00 pear 200
2nd-with flippers 100 free/100 back
Total = 40000 SC Meters

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