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Workoutmy middle name is scary
Ability Level:Aquatic Fitness
Course:SC Meters
Duration:120 + Minutes
Submitted By:Josh Brown
Email: JBrown@weblog.author.iol
Club/Author Info:

Set Category Set Description Set Intervals
Warm-up these are some drills for shape(those are drills for running):
3000m-every 500 do 60m very fast

5*(40 push-ups+20 jumps in place)

jumps peramide(run 10m and 1 jump,run 10m and 2 jumps,run 10m and 3 jumps...) until you get to 10 and then 9,8,7...

dry worm up
on your own
Warm-up 12*150
100 free pulse 135
50 in IM order pulse 155
2:30 for 150s
Kick Set 40*25 kick 10 of each stroke
in each stroke-6 easy,4 all out with flippers(in the breast stroke with flippers-fly kick)
every 35 with0ut flippers
every 25 with flippers
after 10*25s-1 min rest
Pre-Set 4*(20*50)
1st 20-free easy
2nd 20-IM order pulse 150
3rd 20-free pulse 150
4th 20-choice(not free and IM) pulse 160
1 min after 200*50s
in the 20*50s-every 1:00

Pull Set 6*200 free pull easy 3:30 for 200s
Main Set 4*(20*100)
1st 20-free pulse 135
2nd 20-IM pulse 140
3rd 20-free pulse 150
4th 20-choice pulse 155-175
every 1:40 for 1st 20
every 1:45 for 2nd 20
every 1:35 for 3rd 20
every 2:00 for 4th 20
2 min after each set
Drill Set 20*100 drills 4 of each stroke(including IM)
every 2:00 for fly and breast
every 1:50 for back,free and IM
Main Set 10*(12*25)
1,2-free pulse 135
3,4,5-IM pulse 160
6,7-free pulse 140
8,9,10-choice pulse 165
every 40 for fly,35 for back,45 for breast,30 for free
after 12*25s-2 min rest
Other 2000m-100 free/100 fly/100 free/100 back none
Warm-Down 7000 free allout!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Total = 30000 SC Meters

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