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Workouthard sprint
Ability Level:Aquatic Fitness
Type:Sprint Freestyle
Course:SC Meters
Duration:120 + Minutes
Authormike smith
Submitted By:mike
Email: msmith@.freeswim.A.O.L
Club/Author Info:fgh

Set Category Set Description Set Intervals
Warm-up 800 free
every 200 is getting faster
Kick Set 8*50 sprint free kick
every 1:00
Other 8*50 free
every 50 1/2 pool sprint
concentraiting on turns and finish
every 1:30
Main Set 4(5*100) free
1st three 75%
4th- all out
5th- relax easy
every 1:45 in 1st four
after 5th take your time
Drill Set 8*100 free
75 drill
25 all out
every 2:00
Main Set 2(12*50) free
every 12*50 starting from 15 seconds from record and each time is 1 second faster. last is all out
every 1:00 in 12*50
after 12*50 2:00 rest
Pull Set 3*200 free pull 70%
concentraiting on turns and technique
every 3:30
Main Set 2(3*200) free
1st- 70%
2nd- 80%
3rd- all out!
every 4:30
after 3*200 5:00 rest
Other 4*50 free all out take your time
Warm-Down 300 easy
Total = 7900 SC Meters

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