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Workoutits a matter of life and death
Ability Level:Aquatic Fitness
Course:SC Meters
Duration:120 + Minutes
Author yagurnik swimmer(from israel)
Submitted By:korkinet
Email: gfhdfghdfghdfghdfghfghfhdfghsdfdrgfghr
Club:hapoel los angeles
Club/Author Info:

Set Category Set Description Set Intervals
Warm-up 2000
500 of each stroke
every 4th pool pace is getting faster
on your own
Pre-Set 5*200
100 15 sec from record
100 7 sec from record
30 sec after every 200
Kick Set 8*50 kick
2 of each stroke
1 50 easy
1 50 all out
20 after 1 easy
30 after all out
Main Set 10*200 best stroke
starting from 40 sec from record
and each 200 is faster then the 200 before in 2 sec
30 sec after each 200
Other 800 free technique on your own
Main Set 10*100 best stroke
starting 20 sec from record and each time 1 sec faster the before
30 sec after each 100
Other 200 easy on your own
Main Set 10*50
stating 12 sec from record and each time 1 sec faster then before
20 sec after each 50
Warm-Down 200 easy

Total = 8100 SC Meters

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